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Ticking Noise update,its done.

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I got the honda foreman back together after putting a new cam chain and tensioner in. The old tensioner would not hold. You could screw it out and then tap on it and it would colapse. The honda runs good now. Will give it a good test run this weekend maybe.
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glad you got it back together.
I did most of the work myself. I had a honda freind slip over and pull the clutch. Bout $150 in parts. The tensioner was junk. You could adjust it out then push it back in by hand. Put a new chain in also. Had to pull the top end to get the tensioner out. Runs quiet now.l
Glad you got it back together. Thanks for the update, too many folks never follow up. We all learned from this.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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