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Throttle Sticking 2006 rubicon

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My carb is sticking in the open position. I don't think it is the cable but in the carb itself. I put in some carb cleaner in the tank and in the intake and it seems to help out a bit. Although it still is sticky, any other sugestions?
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on right side of carb is a black cover pull it off to make sure there is not dirt in it. mud got in mine and was causeing the throttle to stick. clened it with carb clean and then lubed it with wd-40.
Throttle sticking

Cool thanks a bunch. I never wanted to take it in because it is off of warrenty and I am not to confident on taking the carb apart. But I know what you are talking about and I can handel that. I sprayed wd40 in the cable at the thumb lever and put some carb cleaner in the fuel and into the air intake. also I plugged off the air completly to see if I could maybe jar something loose. I let it run for an hour or so and took it for a boot after that and it freed up a bit but not completly so I will try your suggestion and get back with the results. It sure would be a scary ride if the throttle got stuck in the mountains and a guy never got the kill in time!
I had the same problem on a popo once. Had to take the top off of the carb and clean everything out, then put graphite in the cable before it fixed it. It was a combination of things on mine
Problem Solved

Well it was the black dust cover on the passenger side of the Quad. I pulled it off and there was some loose hard dirt on the bottom under the spring return. The dirt occasionally got stuck under the spring causing it to rev high. Thanks for the help>
Glad you got it running better!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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