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Throttle control

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I wonder why all 4 wheeler throttles are with a lever instead of a twist type such as on a motorcycle. I am new to 4 wheelers, but when going over rough surfaces, my thumb tends to move causing me either gun engine or lose throttle as my thumb slips off or moves forward when unwanted. The motorcycle throttle seems like a more suitable control. Probably wrong, and sure a good reason to have them like they are, but just wondering as I would think I could control throttle better other way. Any comments as to a reason?
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Well think about trying to hold on to one of those throttle handles tight while you are bouncing around up and down going up and down hills.

Sounds very unsafe.
Well, Maybe so, but same problem trying to control with only thumb while doing same as your post. Maybe your right, but seems like I would have better control using whole hand than just thumb control. If hitting a bump, should not go high with twist motion vs thumb motion. I have ridden motorcycle (dirt bike with a lot of rough riding) a little and never had problem with reving engine like with the thumb control. Maybe I am doing something wrong. Anyway, it was just a thought and feel there must have been a good reason for it, just cannot picture the safety advantage more than the way I have ridden so far. Anyway, thanks for discussion and comment.
Might just be what your use to.

I have never had the problem you are saying.

matter of fact the only time I have had a throttle issue like you are having with your thumb was on a handle twist type throttle like you love. I was getting bounced around and got thrown back, held on like I normally do on a quad but in turn pulled back on the throttle completely flooring the gas
I think a twist throttle would suck on a quad. Standing up tring to cross a log or jump around in a big mud hole would be very hard to give it **** while turning your wrist insted of moving your thumb.
I grew up on motorcycles. Four wheelers are new to me also. The thumb throttle takes some getting used to, but works OK. I think one of the main differences to me is the riding position. On my motorcycle it seems I was always over the handlebars from standing up. On my ATV I'm usually sitting down. It is however relatively easy to convert to a twist throttle. A buddy of mine has a twist throttle on a Suzuki 400 sport quad and he loves it.
i love the thumb throttles on quads, but on dirtbikes twist throttles are a must. quads with twists arent really that great IMO, its just much better all around with a thumb.
Hmmm, guess I will keep trying to get used to the thumb control and if ever decide to make a change, guess I have an option to change it by earlier post. Will wait an see if my mind changes. Probably will, just may take some getting used to. I seem to have recently made a bad habit of while pulling on right brake, accidently also pushing throttle at same time. Has gotten me in some near misses and happens at most unfortunate time. Just a habit I need to break.
I usually balance it out with a Bud Light in my left hand helps out alot. ..assuming U are legal drinking age
Best suggestion yet. Will have to try it out. I don't drink but if it helps, will have to give it a try. Probably would have helped a lot when I tried to take out a tree by side swiping it. Don't worry, tree made it just fine.
Myself being of the motocross racing breed, found the thumb throttle the least of my grudges against four wheelers! That stupid rear brake LEVER! Now that I have been riding alot on the four wheeler I am kinda fearing the next time I get the MX fever again and forget what a clutch is! I think the thumb throttle vs. twist throttle is a matter of preference, mine was and is to some extent towards twist but not enough for me to convert my thumb throttle to a twister. but if you are wanting to it should be simple to change over.
I too am dirtbiker switched to Old man mode and got a 4 wheeler. Funny what happens when you start a family -

I grew up with both bikes and quads (I still have to get over people calling quads -> bikes ) but when growing up we owned a Japanese death trap called a TRIKE!

The big red 250 had a twist throttle which added an awesome fun factor to riding it.

As far as rough terrain goes , neither throttle control has any advantage over the other - I might add that a twist throttle encounters for more agressive terrain with respect to the whole device moving around...

I think quads have the thumb throttle due to the nature of quad and the fact that more muscle is needed to turn them especially in nasty terrain and 4wd. I have thought about this a lot while on the trail where I was negotiating some off camber nastiniess and trully did appreciate the nature of a thumb throttle. Allow me to torque on my handle bars and provide precise throttle response...

There are many articals out there about the pros and cons of twist throttles on a 4 wheeler. They all say basically the same thing. Due to the way you steer and control an ATV the twist type throttles are bad . The tend to have less control and can cause you to busrt power when you dont want to. The only pro's I have read were putting them on racing quads cause your more into full throttle more then trying to maintain a consitant speed. Hope this sheds some light.
Yes, the last two posts, are very helpfull but opinions from others were welcomed. Knew there must be a good reason why, but could not figure out actually why. Makes sense. Thanks.
I prefer thumb throttle because on rough terrain you can hold on the the right handlebar without gunning the engine. I see how an ex-dirt biker would prefer the twist, though, as they would be used to it. Whichever you like better is what you should use! One con to thumb throttles is after a long ride your thumb is sometimes sore...
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