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thoughts on the mud lite xtr's

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I have just installed xtr's all the way around on my bike I can tell a big difference in the ride quality but have not had the chance to test them in the mud yet. Can anyone tell me their thoughts on the performance?
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i know

a lot of people that run them i run mudlite xl but the xtr go as far as my mudlite. they r also a good trail tire.
a person i ride with has the xtr's, i think they do pretty good everywere. he is not a hard core mudder but they will take you through some mud if you need to. they are kind of like the 589 tire.
any more comments on the xtr radials?? they have been out for a while now. not alot of talk about them here.
ya my dad had xtr and he loved them.. i dont realy care for them but they are smooth.. good in mud..
I just bought a set of 27" Mud Lite XL's and my buddy bought a set of 27" Mud Lite XTR's for his new Brute. Neither of us have rode on them yet, but will this weekend. I am sure there is a difference, and the XTR's will do well, but is it a $40-$50 difference per tire good is the real question!
i had 2 buddies buy them last summer. they pretty much liked them but both said that they weren't as good on steeper hills as their stockers. they said they had too much traction and couldn't spin. any driving on the road will eat them real bad too.
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