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Thoughts on the Foreman ES450 shifting buttons....

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I would love to hear your thoughts on the push button shifting system on the 2002 Foreman 450ES. Good, bad. Is it better than fully automatic? All thoughts are appreciated.
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i think that the esp is a really nice feature, i think it is alot better than HONDA'S automatic because if one little thing breaks the whole tranny is proubly going to break too.
i agree the only thing that you really have to worry about with the electric shift bikes is the angle sensor going out i have a 500 and the girlfriends 450 and both are electric shift although we both have had one angle sensor go out i still wouldnt go back to a footshifter i didnt really like haveing to look for the shifter every time i was in water or mud to change gears now it is just a push of a button...........thats just my preferance though
ok I have a 04 Rubicon I can do automatic or electric shift. I hardley ever use the electric shift. I love the automatic feature. I havent had any problems out of mine either. Either choice is great. Its just a matter of goin 500 or 450 and the features you want on it.
I have no experience with the automatic. I have used the foot shift, and my Foreman is the ESP. I have 1000 miles on it and have had no problem at all with it. I do not abuse it, but I dont baby it either. I use mine for hunting and trail riding and it has seen its share of mud and water, but I dont go through mud pits just to see if I can. I clean my Foreman well anclean all connectors then seal them with dielectric grease about once a year.

I really prefer the esp over a foot shifter.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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