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Thottle POsition Sensor??? or something else...

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Ok so last week I adjusted my valves to spec and everything seemed to have gone ok... even when i test drove it all seemed well... Went riding this past weekend and the computer faulted out not even 5 minutes into the ride. Flashing a Code 4 for TPS. So i deleted the fault code and reset the computer and it worked good except for what seemed like a slight loss of power. Then after about 15 minutes it faulted again... then it did it again and again for about 10 more minutes.. then suddenly it stop doing it and ran fine all night. Could this be a faulty TPS or coudl it be something else? Also if i get another TPS is there some sort of adjustment that goes along with this????
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When you installed the new TP sensor did you adjust the TP sensor position so that the resistance between terminals A and B is 580 - 620 ohms and tighten the shear bolts until the bolt heads break off. Connect the TP sensor connector then initialize the ECM ..
I haven't replaced the TPS yet. I was just wondering if there was a way to adjust it. Or if there could be some other issue.
Sometimes you will get a code and reset (cycle the key on & off) then you never get it again..If you got the TP code more than once chances are it is faulty .. If the bike it an 07 Honda should cover it under warranty or good will warranty if the orginal warranty has run out ...
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