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Those APC air filters

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Do any of you who bought those apc air filters like them and I noticed that the pics were the smaller filters, do the bigger ones not fit on there and what about that little thing under your stock filter does that not get in the way? I was thinking about buyin on just wanted some pros and cons...thanks
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I believe the next size bigger is too long to fit in the box. and yes that little crank case filter is in the way but it can be bent down a little to fit the APC.
I like it for $20 compared to spending 50 on a K&n there isnt gunna be much flow difference between the two of the filters! I like mine!
i have K&N in my truck, it is very comparable to the APC, what the APC lacks in length, in makes it up with the cone
you can hear it suck alot more air. just take your lid off and rev it up a little with the stock filter the try it with the apc. you can tell a big defference. it might try do die with the lid off from sucking to much air.
I bought the power kit from and I had the apc filter already but I like the apc better then the K&N. It's alot bigger and I know it gives more air then the K&N. My prefilter that is maid for the K&N will not fit the apc filter and the apc filter has an opening in the front. The K&N don't.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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