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This weekend

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Anyone going to ride this weekend?
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I am out for this weekend! We are going to go to Universal this weekend. I don't think I will be riding until it rains some.
You gettin that overheatin peice out this weekend???
im out too we are going to horror nights on saturday night
i know my group is out this weekend, huge party in Geneva Saturday night
IM out, till we get some rain.
QUOTE ("Robb":3kxswxkc)
IM out, till we get some rain.
I am out my bike is still broke and I have my brothers tore apart mounting the radiator on the rack. Yall should have seen how clogged it was. I soaked it over night to get all of the mud out.
i did see lol
The back of it was twice as bad as the front. He shouldn't have a problem with it when I am finished.
dang i cant even amagine how the back looked the front was bad enough...... Thats good i think that that is the best mod to do for any bike that has a radiator
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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