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Ok i am the only one with this sux problems so i want my own topis on the fourm called this sux. Ok went out saturday and not even 10 mins into the ride yup this sux happens again. My tranny took a crap again now this is twice. So not even 10 min into riding didnt even get to show my friends the good parts about 5a. But thnaks to bnjeep for pulling me back and pushing me up the trailer kinda sux we all where there for so short of time sorry guys. So i am sure your gonna hear all this week about my experience's at seminole powersports. well guess ill have to ride dads rancher next week or go buy a grizzly like hondak j/k still love the rubicon might get a 06
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The devil bowed his head because he knew that he'd been beat, and he layed that golden filddle on the ground at johnnys feet.....
Johnny said devil just come on back if you ever want to try again I told you son of a B____ I\'m the best theres ever been
Better rosin up your bow.
How'd this end up bein' a Charlie Daniels song?
Because I knew that I'd been beat.....LOL
181 - 186 of 186 Posts
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