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This maybe a stupid question but!!!

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Can anybody help? I was looking at some aftermarket 1/2 shafts and they are telling me (2 different suppliers) that the left and right shafts are the same length i think that they are wrong unless mine is an abortion. The right shaft is longer. 2004 450. thanks
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yes they are different lengths, if you stand in front of the bike and look at the diff. you can see that the diff sets off to one side.
Thanks I thought maybe i was seeing things, if you are sitting in the seat it would be offset to your left making the right shaft longer
yes the right is longer one.
I have a Honda factory parts manual, and the Part number for the left and right shaft are different. That tells me they are not the same lenght. Of course just looking at them you can see that. My point is even the parts man who may not be a mechanic should be able to tell by looking up the part in the book that they are different.
Most of the part counter salemen and women here have no clue of what goes where. All they do is look up the parts on what you tell them, for the life of them they couldn't even tell you what the part looks like. I always look up the part myself and get the part # so I know its right one.
Yah, I know what you guys are saying, but these Guys are aftermarket guys who are building them. He said he had the exact measurements , when I mentioned to him that it was pretty obvious he went to a different book and finally agreed that the first book must be wrong. probably for a 500 or something. Anyway I ordered them so we'll see what I get. The price was right at 74.00 a piece for 1/2 shafts. thanks for the input
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