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This is my next big mod. MAYBE

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Now with clutch kit installed and the power mods I have, all I need now is the gear sets that will be available in about 6 to 8 months. Now if they put a low range on the rinny then that will change my mind but until that happens this is my next muding machine. Gear set will make my bike be able to turn the 28's or 29's in 2nd gear without bogging. That will give me enough speed to compete in the SRA class with the 700 praries. So this is what the next step is.



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Good luck,

Does your wife know about this?
What size lift is that? 10 inches? Looks real good.

you might as well throw on some honda crx rims with Q swampers or denman militarys
jus noticed something - looks like he has a Foreman 500 front bumper on there.
now that looks a lil difficult. good luck
I think it is a six inch lift. And truegrit my wife does know about it, she just rolled her eyes at me. I think that means she doesn't care.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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