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This introduction originates 35 years ago.

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It was January of 1988 and I had just turned 11 years old the prior November. Christmas vacation was over and I just stepped back on the school bus that dimly lite frosty January morning to make our way to school. It was a time of excitement and dread, excitement due to seeing all the wonderful things that my friends got for Christmas, dread because we had to go back to school and further our education. As the bus made a right and pulled from our dirt road; it drove approximately 100 feet and turned left onto another dirt road. Fain town was the area it was called due to most of the people living there, they're last names were fain. However, with the exception of a boy that was about 3 years older than me. His name was Mike Dove. As we pulled up to his house, I laid my eyes upon the most beautiful four-wheeler that I had ever seen. A brand new 1988 Honda foreman fourtrax.....BLUE!! my favorite color. I wasn't good friends with him, just another guy on the bus that was sort of mean. I was so envious of him, I wanted that more than anything I could think of. Every day, twice a day I had to ride by this four-wheeler that he kept parked right in front of his house and only imagine what it would be like to take that out in the woods and ride. It was pure **** to ride the bus those 2 years and know that I didn't have one and wasn't going to get one anytime soon. Well, that has changed as of Sunday. BEHOLD!! I finally got one that I have been wanting ever since that bitter January morning. It's nowhere near as perfect as Mike's was in 88 but considering its good enough for me. Not sure why I waited so long to get one, but I finally showed up to the party! Pic was after a ride around the property.

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Love the tail of lust for 88quad and dream come true.
I wish floorboards were still metal. That looks nice.
Welcome, Im new here too.
I got a Rancher 420FE with 18hrs, 77 miles. This is a great place for info.

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