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Third Headlight Switch

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I was wandering has anyone added this to their Foreman? <a href="" target="_blank"> ... -_Fore.htm</a>
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No, I haven't got one, but it does look cool. I am completely and totally broke right now though, so I won't be getting one. I dont think anyone needs one of those, but it couldn't hurt to have more lighting options lol.
I was thinking about it because in the winter when I have my windsheild on at night, I get a glare from the 3rd headlight
No need to spend $43.00. Just wire in a switch to cut power to the light. Works great when you want to use the front rack and don't want the light reflecting back in your face. Very easy, cheap and useful mod.
which wire do you splice? i kinda remember a thread telling witch color one, but cant seem to find it. might try it this week. sure would come in handy in nfld this summer when carrying gear on the front racks..
Don't know the wire color on your bike but it's real easy to do. Just get to the light socket and wire the switch in either wire to the light. It will work by breaking either the hot or ground connection to the light. You can use a marine toggle switch and add a water proof rubber cover.
I modified my center light to a 80 watt low beam and 100 watt high beam controlled with the factory handlebar switch. My cutoff switch just breaks the ground to the relays I used in the conversion.
At 45 mph at night with the moose around here, 210 watts (with the upgraded lower lights) on high beam could be a real lifesaver.
Bowhunt and H4, those are both good reasons, I didn't even think about that. But yeah, I think this is one of those things that can be a cheap 'do-it-yourself' mod, no need to spend $43 when you can probably do it yourself for under $10.
the SEARCH button pervails once agai

gotta dig out the sodering tool and do this once the foreman gets back from the dealer which should be friday or next week.
bowhuntwi1 I like the idea of that thing but why does it have to cost so much?
why is it so much for tho.. i rahter just go buy a togle switch.
What bulbs did you use to upgrade your lower lights to
55W Floodlights and where did you purchase them?
I didn't up grade my stock lower lights. The custom bumper made them even more useless than they were. I disconnected the stock lights and mounted a set of tractor work lamps with a flood light pattern to the bumper and wired them to the stock switch. The flood beam gives fantastic coverage from directly in front of the bike to fairly long range. Great for the rougher trails. I can easily upgrade the 55W H3 bulbs to 100's but there is honestly no need.
Splice the GREEN wire into a toggle switch to cut off the top light. Very easy to do.
if you splice the green wire into a toggle switch, will this cut off the backlighting on the display pod? just curious I have a 06 Foreman ES and this is a very great idea
i you splice in where it comes out of the light you will have no problem with the dash light
I have one and I'm getting ready to install . Installation will not viod your warranty do to its a Honda plug and play setup. The same can be accomplished with just a plain switch between the headlight power feed , but not recommended it its new or you have extended warranty .
Be nice if they would sticky this thread in the how to section so it doesn't go away. I'll be doing this mod soon! Thanks for the info guys.
Will move this thread over there now...good info!
QUOTE ("bowhuntwi1":1gtlt8fg)
I was wandering has anyone added this to their Foreman?
I did it, but not with the outrageous kits they sell. NAPA, and a check for $11 bought me a heavy duty water resistant switch, and a rubber boot to thread on over the toggle switch. Looks great, performs even better.
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