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I am thinking of selling my 450S, but it is financed and I don't know if I can get the money I need out of it to pay it off.

It is a 2002 Honda Foreman 450S. Red in color. It has around 676 miles on it. It has ITP SS112 wheels and ITP MudLite XLs on it (They have about 15 miles on them if that.) It has an upgraded Warn A2000 (upgrade kit to 2500 with handelbar mounted rocker switch.) The winch is also set up with Synthetic rope and Synthetic/Steel fairlead. I just installed a PERFEX Long Travel kit which really makes it ride a lot smoother over the bumps on the trail. I also just installed a set of floorboards on it. The front and rear racks are painted with spray-on bedliner. The plastics are in good shape, there are a few scratches but no major tears. It also comes with a 48" snow plow/with full skid attachment plate.

Like I said, it is financed where I bought it from the Honda Dealer (USED) about 9 months ago. I need to get $4300 to pay off the loan and cover some of the cost of the NEW ITP WHEELS AND TIRES I JUST PUT ON IT. With the low miles it has on it, I would think that is a great deal. Especially since I paid $4500 9 months ago and I've done a lot of upgrades since then.

I don't have much places to ride it and I really can't find the time to mess with it much these days.

Please let me know if this seems like a fair deal for what all is included and the low miles it has, so I can determine if I really want to get rid of it or not. Cause if I can't pay it off, there is no sence getting rid of it.

Thanks. The pic of it is my icon (before Long Travel Kit). If you need to see new pics let me know. But it looks the just has an inch and a half more ground clearance now.

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go to and goin to the bottom and click on motocylces. and then follow the steps. it will give u the price with out all ur assc. so then just add them on. and dedect some of the money from when they were new. sorry for the long post.
I checked the and it said $3210 without any mods or with Warn winch w/ synthetic cable/upgrade kit, Perfex LT Kit, NEW (15 miles) ITP SS112's and ITP MUDLITES, NEW floorboards(Moose), and CycleCountry Snow Plow....It comes to right close to $4300. Which is good, cause I need at least $4200 and some, I believe, to pay off my financing. But with only 676 miles on it....I think my price of $4300 would be a good deal.....DON'T YOU?

If anyone thinks they would be interested let me know....maybe it will help me decide if I want to sell it/get rid of it or not.

Thanks for the KBB website idea.

ya ur welcome. i got a ebay id. if so u could put it on there.. and i say u could get 4300 out of it. we had a 2001 racher 2wd and we got 3300 out of it. and we had a 02 rubicon and got 4500 out of it and it jsut had mudlites.
If it were me, I would pull off the new tires and rims, and put the old back on. Sell without the plow and winch. You can either reuse these, or sell seperately. Accessories generally won't add a bunch to price, and potential buyers may not even want them. I bought my 01 450s 3 years ago on ebay with similar miles for $3100.
i sold my rubicon about a year ago. it had a ton of mods, i took everything off and sold it as stock. i sold it for $2500 and by the time i sold all my mods the total value was around $3500. if i were you i would take everything off and sell it seperate but thats up to you. i think that is a realy good price for what all it has and the miles.
I don't have the old wheels and tires....just the new ones. Besides...I've all but decided to just keep the foreman and run the heck out of it. I don't find anything else I would want in its place. More power doesn't inspire I figure what I have is the best I'll find.

If I did get rid of it...I would just buy a Suzuki Samurai or a Jeep....something I could drive and trail ride. So for now I think I'll just keep the foreman and just try to find other places to ride and such.

UNLESS...someone offers to buy it for what I've got in I can get out of the finance part of it....THEN I WOULD HAVE TO SELL IT.

Clark, I agree with the others, if you have the stock stuff put it back on because alot of people wont buy something that has been modded out of fear that it has been abused...
I can understand that...but I can assure you it hasn't been abused. I think I've only put 50 miles on it since it was bought by me. I wish I could ride it more...but not really anywhere to ride it.

Like I said above...I plan on keeping it...unless the right offer is made and I can get out of the loan I have on it.

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