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thinking of buying a rubicon - tell me the truth

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Hey guys. I am buying an atv early next year, and I was leaning heavily toward the Rubicon, but after reading posts on this sight the last few days, I'm having second thoughts about it.

Are these machines really as troublesome as some of these posts make them out to be? Are the transmissions really that fragile?

It seems like almost everyone has had transmission failure of some kind, and it seems that electric problems are pretty common.

So, what I want to know is, what is the real deal with these machines? Did I just focus on the bad posts and not read many of the good posts?

Please help.
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i bought a 01 rubicon from the dealer as soon as they could sell me one and i loved it , but then about 250 miles later it started breaking my ba--s everytime i took it out, the electrical would go haywire like you wouldnt beleive and from 250 miles to 990 she was always breaking down and i take good care of my stuff and then one day limping her home she instantly burst into flames burnt right to the ground rims and all! 2 miles from civilazation i had no fire extinguisher to put it out and i had to go to the hospital from tearing dirt up to throw on it, i had no insurance but i did have the extended warranty honda flew reps out from cali. to meet with me and i showed them the bike and where it happened and they basicly told me to go stuff myself, so i hired a arson investigator and he told me it had faulty wiring and tell honda, so i payed off my $8000.oo mistake and switched to bomber for a few years but that was another mistake, and here i am back with honda even a rubicon and now i have insurance a hard lesson learned my 03 has been great to me but i just got it in nov. with only 760 miles on it and its at 950 now, every brand has there lemons but what honda did to me was wrong and i was not the only one, the dealer i went through closed since due to bad management CHENANGO IMPORTS UTICA N.Y. so honda still owes me $8000.oo in my opinion and every lawyer told me i didnt have a chance and honda rep said they would fight it till the day i die, so before i die years from now i will get my $8000.oo back the legal way or other means and i dont give a s--- if they see this KARMAS A BI---!!!!!!!!!!
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i think all the people see the negetive things about the rubicon tranny because on this forum people just dont come on and say "hay guys i just want to say i have never had a problem " no we get its locked up or it grinds when in low ! ill bet that for every 1 bad rubi tranny there are 250 rubis or more that never fail !!!!!!!

so true i was describing my bad experience but i wouldnt hesitate a moment to take mine on a 500 mile ride if i could, the guy i get my parts from and works on my stuff(but since i came back to honda 3 years ago i dont pay anymore mechanics fees!) was a honda mechanic for 30 years and he says the leading cause of tranny issues in the rubi is not running the honda oil made for it and not keepeing the oil clean in em and of course neglect all in all i think they are good machines and honda just let some 01s out a little too soon
I love my 2007 Rubicon and so what if other bikes will go faster. Mine tops at 58ish if I'm going downhill and going any faster than that is senseless and asking for a deathwish imo. It will do all you need it to do, everyday, all day. Let em rag you, but when theirs is locked up or blown up, you'll still be riding.

another truthful quoteB)
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