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thinking of buying a rubicon - tell me the truth

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Hey guys. I am buying an atv early next year, and I was leaning heavily toward the Rubicon, but after reading posts on this sight the last few days, I'm having second thoughts about it.

Are these machines really as troublesome as some of these posts make them out to be? Are the transmissions really that fragile?

It seems like almost everyone has had transmission failure of some kind, and it seems that electric problems are pretty common.

So, what I want to know is, what is the real deal with these machines? Did I just focus on the bad posts and not read many of the good posts?

Please help.
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bump, this is for some of you guys who have been talking about the rubicon's lately
I havent had my 2011 for three months yet and I'm already regretting buying a SRA bike. I go mudding/deep water and I have trouble following the IRS bikes through the good holes. It is light and does float but after following canams with 31s I tend to end up in bad spots. I do like the low range and push button shift and 4wd but it is underpowered and gets high centered often.
I hate to say it as well, I sometimes regret buying my 06 rubicon last year. It has been super reliable, but i can't keep up to my friends with the Kingquads and Polaris machines. It boils down to IRS and i get beat up and have to go much slower than they do. I am also way down on power compared to them. All of them call my quad the tractor because it can pull more than theirs, but i've been pulled out of mud holes by them because of my ground clearance. They ride me over this because i'm one of the only honda's in the hunting group, but i'm waiting for the day i have to tow one of them back to camp. So far it hasn't happened and my friend's Kingquad 700 has been super reliable just like my Rubicon, but he leaves me in the dust. Maybe Honda will update the Rubicon this year?? I sure hope so or i might be going Kinqquad 750axi or Grizzly for my next machine.

there is a time and a place for everything. if your buddies leave you behind just cause they can go faster then maybe its time to find new buddies. i'd never leave anyone behind if they cant keep up. `
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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