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I think in most cases it's how the bike is ridden and maintained that causes them to fail. And then there are the occasional lemons-- and every manufacturer has it's lemons. If you are planning on tackling every peanut butter mud hole every time you go out, or sinking it to the handle bars, and doing water wheelies, go with something that has a good reputation for being able to take that kind of abuse like the foreman 500. If your a "normal" rider and use a bike for trail riding, hunting, working, and the occational moderate mud hole than the Rubi is an excellent choice. To me it doesn't make sense to pay 7000 dollars on something just to go out and abuse it, It's like paying thousands of dollars on a race horse and hooking it up to a plow. Just my opinion, hope I didn"t offend anybody.
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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