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thinking of buying a rubicon - tell me the truth

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Hey guys. I am buying an atv early next year, and I was leaning heavily toward the Rubicon, but after reading posts on this sight the last few days, I'm having second thoughts about it.

Are these machines really as troublesome as some of these posts make them out to be? Are the transmissions really that fragile?

It seems like almost everyone has had transmission failure of some kind, and it seems that electric problems are pretty common.

So, what I want to know is, what is the real deal with these machines? Did I just focus on the bad posts and not read many of the good posts?

Please help.
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I would never worry about it. If it fails it fails. That's just the way she goes. Sometimes she goes, sometimes she doesn't. Way she goes.

Trailer Park Boys fans will laugh at that.....
Amen to that! They won't tell you that they've fully submerged it twice and only changed the oil once in two years and never changed the air filter. All they say is... "it's broken, what a piece of garbage... whine... whine... whine."

If you treat a Honda right and maintain it well, it'll last a long time.
Not always the case. Like I said, the newer Rubicon that the Hondamatic failed in was abused. But on the 01-04's they could fail even if you treat them well.
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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