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Welcome brando

Here is my 'Opinion' on the Rubicon

I have an '05 with just over 6100 trouble free
miles and ride in extreme conditions from 25°
to over 115° Mountains & Deserts

Most of what I know about electrical issues
are from running in water without taking the
time to put some electrical grease on the connections.

A buddy of mine has a resort and pulls large
boats and fish houses and has not had any
issues and there about a dozen people that
work his machine and they beat it very well.

Sometimes when problems arise things get
a little carried away...IMO

The thing I really like about the Rubicon is it's
like having three machines in one with the drive line set up,No belts I've never owned a IRS quad
but after riding all day in the desert heat I can
still walk and really like the CTE shocks I just installed.

In closing, I spend more time riding then having
it worked on and to me thats what it's all about !
and it changes as my riding style does not many machines can say that
1 - 1 of 57 Posts
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