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Thinking of a 420

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I'm thinking of a 420, but concerned about the ride quality and the ability to carry someone in a seat on the back. Will the quad squat to much with a small child on the back with me driving. I'm 6ft 2 and 240lbs. Is this bike just too small?
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Na man, I'm 6' 1" and 245 pounds and my ol lady rides with me and she's
a 100 to 110 and I'm running 26's and the HP is outstanding !!!!!
The 420 will easily haul you and a child, I am 6' 225 and my wife is 5'8 and 180 and hers will haul both of us with no problem. My 350 even hauled us ok (not as well as the 420 does tho), be carefull when picking out a back seat. The one my folks had (moose) sets the passenger too far back and when we borrowed it it made it very light in in the front(really tricky going up hills with rough spots) but the one I have (Wes Industries <a href="" target="_blank"></a> ) actually sets the passenger directly above the rear axle and makes it alot more stable. The folks said they had the same problems so when i re mounted it on their bike i mounted it 5 inches further ahead and it solved their problems. It looks like the Kimpex outback boxes put the passenger in the same place as the Wes box.

this is the best price I have found for the Wes box <a class="postlink" href="
ewItem"> ... dZViewItem</a>
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i ride mine double and my girlfriend weighs about 110. i have a friend who also doubles on a 420 with his girlfriend, they dont have problems either. i might suggest getting something like a moose supertrapper box and keeping storage weight up there to balance it out.
The 420 would handle two no problem but I would recomend a cushion for the back rack because the seat is a little short for riding doubles.
i had never rode anyone till the other night and i couldnt beleave how well it rode.

where talk deep mud was unstoppable

now i do have kendas on the back and itps on the front i dont think the stocks would have as good but in all it did great
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