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thinkin anout a new foreman

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hey guys i need some input im thinking about getting about getting a newer version of the foreman or a rincon. i want a fuel injector because gas is killing me on the 04 with the 26 inch mudlite's can stay on the trails as long as my dad and brother. my dad has an 07 rincon with 25 inch maxis bighorns (which is way heavier than my mud lite's ) but he can go on 40 miles of trails and he'll still have praktically a full tank of gas when im running on fumes.but the foremans are cheaper and can come with the power steering. i just dont know so if i could get some input it would be much aprecciated!
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Go with the Foreman....less moving parts and that power steering is gonna be sweet...besides they all go the same places the rincons go and you will save some money to get spare fuel can (that is my plan after the divorce)
thanks alot! ima have to wiat until i get some more money before i can get it though lol.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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