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think my jetting is off..

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me and my friend just put a snorkel on my foreman.. it is a two inch.. it doesnt seem like it is idling right.. and it kinda cuts out a little when i give it alot of gas.. is there a way i can avoid re jetting?
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There is an idle screw on the side of the carb that you can adjust by hand. That's all I did after my snorkle. Keep an eye on your spark plug to see if you need to adjust your air / fuel mixture. No need to rejet until you put on the exhaust.
i put a hmf on before the snorkel.. and i re jetted for that.. so i dont have the stock jet in.. i might go turn my idle up a little more.. but what do you mean watch my spark plug?
if ur spark plug is black then i think that means its running rich, but someone else verify that for him please
alright thanks.. i really dont want to have to mess with the jetting..
If your spark plug is black then it is too rich and if its too white then it is running lean. It should be kind of light yellow. Wish I had a pic to show you or look at someone's bike that you think is running right and compare it.
ok well if i do end up having to re jet i will probaly order it form jetsrus.. that way i dont have to buy the whole kit.. i just dont know what size i will need
i should b the color of a brown paper sack.
I just went through this last week. I just put a 2" snorkle on my 500. Mine did the same thing. I covered half of the intake and that made an improvement. After taking it for the first real ride, I found that the bike was running lean. I installed a 165 jet, and turned the idel/air screw all the way in, and then back out 2 1/2 turns. Then put 1 #6 washer under the needle, and cut about an 1" off of the spring. This seems to be working great, and I am finding a decent bit more power.

And I have the snorkle open all the way, I did not need to resrtict it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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