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the widest tire on stock rims

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Just curious what is the widest size of tires I can put on the fron and back of my foreman 500 with stock rims. i do not want to buy aftermarket rims... I would like to go as wide as possible on the back, do not really care about front..

Thanks guys!
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I know a 26 or 27 10" wide front will work OK with stock wheels.

No more than 12 wide rear tire or the left one will rub against the stock muffler. You could go wider if you have a smaller canister aftermarket pipe like the HMF utility.

BTW, the stock Foreman 7.5" wide rear wheels are actually wider than most aftermarket wheels which are usually only 7".

Wheel spacers will fix the clearance issue with the exhaust
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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