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The u-joint problem

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does anyone make a tougher u-joint for the foreman, or maybe something to fix the problem everyone has been having with them?
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havn't really searched but if you find one, let me know
Yes they do make a stonger joint for the formen if you want to pay the price <a href="" target="_blank"></a> there is the link it is the 450/500 u-joint conversion its about $350........But what happens when you strengthen the strongest link then what happens? Something breaks in the motor that isnt as easy to fix
thanks dirtyrider, im sure a lot of people that have broken 2 or 3 of the stockers will want to try this out.
I have broken one also. Did my research on putting a stronger one on and people told me the same thing about breaking something else.
I really dont see it as a good thing i would rather fix a ujoint and maybe bend a shaft back then have to split the case to fix something on the inside......idk just my opinion cause i was going to do the same thing but buddy of mine made me relize that something else would break........But your welcome lol
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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