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The next Big Foreman!!!

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This one is byuilt by Robert over a XFab you can call him if you have Q's about him building you a lift. 469-757-0859 or [email protected]

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some peoplelike that kind of ridinglike myself...and others dont....who needs them? lol...jj
mabe i can have my Foreman looking like that in the near future, but rite now what she really needs is a little TLC, from trying stuff that no one else will hit, lol.
yeah...once that thing gets a little more messed up we oughtta start building a custom lift for it. the rear a-arms would be pretty simple...then just get some custom axles from gorilla. from what i can see we could build one like that pretty easy in the shop if we tried. just build the rear diff. housing and a-arms together and mount the shocks over the whole deal...kinda like g-mac's old setup here...well technicallythey wouldnt be a-arms anymore but you get the idea
the quads are there to be ridden if something breks along the way thats ppart of the fun lol
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it impressive cause they have balls to do it, and they actually try to make it and not jus ***** out and say its too deep or its two thick
what are the last two bikes in that video?
i think there yamaha big bears but im not sure
the one with yellow racks is a big bear 350 and the last one is a king quad 300
who made the lift on the yellow one
X-Fab did the lift and the the big bear has a stroked 440+ cc engine. very clean bike.
It's just about what one want's to do, and that was a tie-rod that broke they break on stock bikes. Also, to build IRS it around 1600 more that this. more video <a href="" target="_blank"> ... 83C9B1F5A0</a>
how much did you extend your front a-arms, tie-rods, and axles, and how much did you extend your swingarm and driveshaft
A-arm around 8 and swing arm 6
wat u do about the u-joint. mine breaks with jus a 2' lift
all it does is makes it a cv joint
it's not a cv it's a u-joint
yep still a u joint just beefed up tho i belive they may also have a cv conversion i saw somewhere
people should know that Turners CV joints are just truck axles that he re-machines the stub thread on and heat treats again. ive seen them in my hand and looked them over , we had to send ours back because they didnt fit in one side and were so tight they didnt even flex.! oh ya he takes forever on filling orders ,its always 2 more days ,2 more days..........
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yep still a u joint just beefed up tho i belive they may also have a cv conversion i saw somewhere
Gorilla try it and it fail, to much fraction also the boot would melt off the cv. I've used Turner and gorilla an I like turner stuff. And yes it take time to get his stuff, but it's not a remachine truck axles.
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