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The next Big Foreman!!!

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This one is byuilt by Robert over a XFab you can call him if you have Q's about him building you a lift. 469-757-0859 or [email protected]

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Definately looks like an axle breaker. That thing is gonna be huge when he
gets through with it. I bet it cost lots of $$$$ to build that.
It won't break axles when i get Turners axles in it.
yeah thats huge, wouldnt down some of the trails here.
If your gettin' some of Turner axles, better get ready to shell out some $$$.
He makes some great axles, but they are high. A buddy of mine has some
& he swears by them.
There 350.00 each but worth every penny.I'll be at Turners shop this week picking up the Big Bear.
I can't wait. I think i'm having mud withdraws.
Check the pics again. We posted some new ones of the swing arm.
Tell me what ya think.
Hey thinking of trying my hand at building a lift like that at the end of the A-arms did you just weld on the pice of metal of how did you do it thanks
how many inches of goundclearence u think its gonna have
ehh if i go for it i want atleast like 15 or so in the front but i cant get around the rear because of the soild rear axle all i can do is add tires to lift it
do you have any diagrams of how you did the front suspension?
that is a big lift but how would it help in a rut because you have sra
yes it does help alot now you only drag the diff no the chassis, here's a vid. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... hopper.wmv</a>

yeah but all i have is a lift kit and lift springs and all i drag is the differential, your big deal is how much front ground clearance you have, if i was going to put all that money into a bike i think i would try to make it irs
<a href="" target="_blank"> ... pg&.src=ph</a> over at high lifter some on has coustum irs for a rancher in the works
so wat yall got int hat 4man on the vids to help push them 29s, mine does ok but needs alittle more help (its stock right now but i got a hmf jet kit k&n and clutch kit comin)
watched ur video again pritty impressive what are those bikes in the back the last 2 through i cant remember what they are
No offense but whats so impressive about a video about a bunch of people getting stuck and breaking stuff??
it impressive cause they have balls to do it, and they actually try to make it and not jus ***** out and say its too deep or its two thick
1 - 20 of 44 Posts
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