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The Mudlight is a 26 and the Executioner is a 27

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I am looking to run one of these on my 06 500 FM. I am stock and ride trails and drive through many mud holes and creeks. I am looking to buy one of these. Anyone that can shed some lite would be great.
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Where the Mud Lites really shine is in terms of their weight vs the executioners. I just bought a set of Mud Lite 27" XL's and everybody had great things to say about them. Also, here is a link to a side by side comparison on another site. This guy is in oklahoma like me so we ride some of the same places.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... ation.html</a>

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I went with the 26"mudlite XL's 26x10x12 front 26x12x12 back..I think they are a great tire...
Where's the Executioner????????
I've been really satisfied with my Executioners,I can go through trails in 2WD where before I had to use 4WD.You have to be easy on the throttle,too much and you dig straight down.
Did you notice that was one of the questions on the polls in that link above I posted. Does your tire dig or pull in mud...
Ooops,sorry, I'd say the Executioner pulls in the mud,but in the snow it's the opposite,it seems to dig more than pull in the snow.Does that seem strange?
No, that does not seem strange its all about the tread design and what conditions you are in...
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