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the mud farm!

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anybody rride at the mud farm in sour lake yet? If so how was it?
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nope. is it like a mud park?
Never heard of that one. Post more details.
G it out. I think it's mainly for mud trucks but they do have some stuff for atv's
I'll look but not too keen on visiting parks that allow trucks. I heard bad things about Shiloh Ridge as in the trucks will literally run the ATVs over.....and it's also more rutted when you go to some parks that allow both. I'll check it out though b/c I'm looking for more places to ride and let you know what I think.
the site isn't too informative. 250 acres can seem small quick...
Agreed so not on the list right now. Where do you ride most often?
i live about 3 miles form the mud farm. they have 3 pits for the trucks and a u shaped pit that is just open for anyone, they also have one water pit for 4 wheelers. they only open it for races. they have a few trails. in about 30 min you can see the hole thing. i dont think it would be worth it if you had to drive more than 10 miles to get there unless you really like the truck races.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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