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Camodiak really nailed it when he said "man lay off the mounds....your gonna wear it out":D !!! I'll be there w/ my new Foreman. Wasn't the Jamboree GREAT?!?!?!
I wasn't at the Jambo, couldn't make it.

The mounds is the only thing that is an hour away and i can't see driving more than that every other weekend to go have some fun. All we have here is the Maumee Forest, and most of the mud holes need to have the centers scraped down cuz it got way soft and splashed the bottom out of it and now you get highcentered just about everytime you get it them.

I just wanted to see about getting a pretty good size of diverse people together to show a couple buddies what it's like up there.

we were up there 2 weekends ago and we had to leave early due to my buddies father getting hurt... But other than that all the water that water that was there for the mounds meet and greet was pretty much gone in the field area(bummer) there was still some water and mud but we'll find that next time.


where you at the mounds meet and greet?

the new guy on the Rubi?
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QUOTE ("GIXXERGUY6":he05wfcw)
where you at the mounds meet and greet?

the new guy on the Rubi?
nevermind don't think you're the new guy on the rubi....

well maybe we can hook up at the mounds labor day weekend.
I know what you mean about the Mounds being the only thing near by. Sometimes you just need an ATV "fix"!!!

I did not make the Meet & Greet. I had no running bike at the time. Still thought about going, but would have been too pi$$ed off about my Brute Force to enjoy the event.

Mounds can BITE you Big Time if you let it. January 16th, this year I got a concussion up there. Still don't remember that day. Rode for 2 hours after I rolled the BF. Kinda 'came to' when I was at the hospital. My buddies realized that my head got scrambled when I kept repeating myself, minutes/seconds after saying the same thing!!! No short term memory that day at all!

I've been back only once since then. I really prefer different type of riding, but it is close.
well that picture ain't no fawking good lol.

glad you had no permanent brain damage, well lol

so u in for the mounds laborday weekend?

thinking sunday
I'll be there.

You know they open at NOON on Sundays, right?
daumn that's really great to know

thanks for the heads up wow
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