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the more you wash it, the more you should do this..

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Most Honda Carbs have a choke plunger that are notorious for freezing and/or rusting. The more you wash it, the more water transmits down the cable and resides on top of the plunger. In my climate, they freeze right away and you know all about it at the most inopertune time. In more moderate climates, it rusts the spring to nothing and lets the choke creep on and/or rust solid.

the moral of this story is to remove the plastic nut and plunger and fill the cavity between plunger and cable end(coating the spring) with white lithium grease . It seals and waterproofs the assy.
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Thanks for that bit of info. That is somethin' that I didn't even know.
Wow...Never thought of that...Thanks for the heads up. Its amazing that you find so many people that come up with things that you overlook. Thanks..
I just washed ours & plum forgot about that. Maybe a little light will go off
next time i wash them which will probebly be tomorrow since we are ridin'.
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