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The Last Tire Question!

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Alright Mudlite Xl's it is! Now, the fronts are taken care of, but the only 2 sizes the rear come in are 26x10-12 and 26x12-12. Which one is the better (stock rims, and no lift).
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Get the 10's thats the stock size, right? Skinner will dig in faster, instead of riding on top. Less "float" more throwing...
Thanks man! Should be on order real soon! by going with these tires, should i expect to loose any power? I am only adding a inch in height in the back and a inch in width and height in the front.
with that size tire i would go with the 10's up front and the 12's in rear let the front dig and the back push you through
Depends on what type of riding you do, how much you will notice it. You will lose very little, if you go with the 10's which is stock in the rear. If you put on the 12's it might look weird in the rear I dunno. Then again it may balance it out with going to 10's instead of 8's up front
I ended up ordering 26x9-12 front and 26x10-12 rears. Sound like a decent match? I am in Eastern NC, so there is lots of mud! I am hoping these mudlite XL's are everything they are cracked up to be!
Thats probably a good compromise. Alittle more brawn up front
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