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the gorilla arrived

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my winch showed up yesturday....shipping was free

ordered on the 5th got it on the 12th
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looks like a good kit for the price, girlfriend told me she would give me her credit card to order 1 when i want, for my birthday at the beginning of november but just dont feel like filling all the stuff out yet

What does that plate fit, looks nicer then the one I got from gorilla for my 2005 500. Mine was a pain, winch electrical connections were right on the front metal support on one side and against the front plastic on the other side. I made it work but it was definitly not a bolt right on job. Also the gorilla winch had those China bolts...the head was not quit US and not quit Metric. I threw them all out and put good fastners in.
the plate is for my 07 420 rancher and i got it from gorilla.

havent started putting it on yet .....still trying to get more info so i dont screw up.

i think once i start putting it together i will get better fastners to.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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