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The Foreman's Resillance to Fire

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Turns out that the 2006 model forman 4x4, while not entirely fireproof, can with stand small fires with out a lot of damage.....Let me give you the reasoning. I ordered a pitbull winch online. 30 bucks plus s&h. Put it all on wired it up. Tested it, worked great, not as strong as I like, but it would do until something better came along. Well, turns out the battery wires and the winch wires that they give you with it, aren't a heavy enough gauge to carry the current. First the winch started unspooling itself after I free spooled it to hook to someone. Then when I tried to reel in the slack, nothing happened. Then the winch started spooling itself out. Then I smell melting plastic and looked behind me and there was smoke. Looked underneath the rear rack where the control box was mouted, and FIRE. In the creek she goes. Put the fire out, drove it home. Only the stuff related to the winch was burned. The box is charred, plastic is good, power cable burned the whole way through. So, learn an easy lesson, make sure that the power cables you use for your winch can handle the current it will pull. There also wasn't an inline fuse for it either. It think that I will put one on the winch that is going to replace that one.
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Sorry to hear that . But remember you get what you pay for (I learnt the hard way also minus the fire).
Sorry about your luck
always use a fuse no matter what!!!! cheap insurance.A circiut breaker is what reall yshould be installed into the winch main power feed from the batt.
That is crappy luck, but man I so wish you had a video of that scene. Did you laugh after you got it put out?
laughter was in the picture after we pushed it down the hill into the creek we were trying to slowly drop into. But yeah, it kinda went like's on fire......puff puff pufff.....oh shnikey's, put it in the creek, push, push push, oh shnikey's, splash splash splash. Laughter from everyone else, then slowly I join in. A video would've been real nice.
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