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The foreman is gone

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I was riding at foreman450riders house a few weeks ago and the old P.O.S. just started smoking.
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You can buy oversized pistons/rings from Honda with 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0mm for overbores. HL sells a BBK that bumps it to 466cc's I beleive.
QUOTE ("lifted450es":3rwlmq5x)
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its about a 460cc engine now right? 433 stock so what is it approximately?
433 stock........ .40 over does not mean 40cc over. it means .400 of an inch if im not mistaking. the highlifter big bore kit is a 3mm over kit that makes it 466cc [/quote]

0.040, 0.4 would nearly be a half inch. But Honda OE pistons are metric, measured in millimeters. Not sure what the HL kit uses though.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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