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The dreaded POP

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Well I went out to the black hole today just for a couple of hours so that my buddy could test out his new tires. In the last hole before we left I got in some nasty mud and got a rope rapped up in the right front tire. Then all of the sudden bang and the tire stopped turning. I figured no big deal just a cv, wrong it might be an axle but it is where it goes into the pumpkin I don't know what the h3ll broke. Oh well I guess yo pay to play, maybe I can look at it tomorrow.

There is some good mud out there right now though, the water is deep too.
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Thats what I hate about the Black Hole too much garbage in the holes. I've been in your situation before. I ran over a tow rope from a tug boat out there. It took almost an hour to cut it free. Bu tlukily no damage to the boot or anything. I hope it gets fixed pretty easy.
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