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The biggest tire with stock rims and suspension

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Hello this is my first post ,I have been looking around this site to find out if mudlitexl 26x12x12 will fit the foreman 500 rears with no mods
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Yes, they will fit with no problem. You can put bigger if you want. Robb
has 29.5 inch tires with no lift on his 500.
yeah those will fit with no problems at all. Typically you can fit up to a 27in tire with no modifications.
Thanks thi site is great!!
I was a littie worried about the width
Not to worry there.
That is the first thing Jennifer & I got was tires on our 450's. Fronts are
26x10-12 & the rears are 26x12-12. We put them on with no lift or
anything for quite a while. Then we started wantin' more stuff for them.
It all starts out with tires, then this, then that.....It seems there is always
somethin' else out there that i want to put on mine.
do the 10's rub up front?
QUOTE ("Eric":w8n19sot)
do the 10's rub up front?
Not even close.
i have 27x12 vamps. on the rear of mine and i have no lift. i maxed out my stocks the other day to see if they would rub didnt even come close to rubbing. you will be fine with 26x12 on the rear.
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Have a 04' rubicon and i put 26X12 on all four conrners loved it
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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