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If it's an 04 take it to the dealer it is under warranty ..
you guys are right its in my head
I am having the same problem with my 04 400AT. I took it into Honda last summer and had them check it over, they told me there was nothing wrong and even tested it along side a new 06. They said it was just as strong as the new one. I've checked the angle sensor as they show in the repair manual, myself, and all the readings check out. I checked the connections to the computer under the rear fender and put some more di-electric grease in them and reset the computer. I am still having the same problem with it not down shifting properly in auto mode. Any ideas? BTW the recall was done on it in 05 right after they sent our the recall notices.
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sell it ,thats what i did . fixed the problem real nice . $3700
it can pull this out of the mud
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it can pull this out of the mud
Darn that is one sweet rincon
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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