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TexasForeman has joined the forum!

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I just wanted to say hello to everyone here and I look forward to messaging with you all. I am a die-hard Honda fan. I am on my second Foreman and as far as I'm concerned, Honda is "The Best on Earth!" Happy Riding!!!
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welcome to the site
Alright!!! Another Texan. We're gonna take this place over yet.
welcome nice looking foreman!
Thanks to all the replies!!! I see there are some LA connections on the board. I am originally from LA. Georgetown to be exact. Not too far from Winfield, Jena, Pollock and Alexandria. I have lived in TX my whole life, but still visit LA often.
Welcome to the site.
welcome, nice looking set of quads you got
Louisiana Born and Raised
i say one day during the summer we all get together and have a competion State vs State and you have to be a Member and drive a Honda
We ALL know i'd win, since i have the biggest, baddest atv on this site
I'm just kiddin' by the way.
like randysrubi said If your scared, Say your scared. If not, Prove it! love that quote
i got the smallest

welcome , i think i got the smallest 4wheeler on this site.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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