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Texas Mud Drag racing June 25

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Just wanted to put out the word.

Castroville Mud drag racing
Castroville, Tx. off of Hwy 90
June 25, 2011 at (8 pm)

The races consist of 4 wheelers stock / custom. Trucks stock / custom. Alcohol class trucks. Races last about 3 hours.

PM if anyone wants to make it! I can tell you how to get there, because an address will do you no good. lol!

I will be out there early riding 4 wheelers all day. There are some decent trails, and a small track with some dirt banks and ramps. Plus a tank full of Large Mouth bass and all the snakes you want to kill. lol

Hope to see some honda lovers out there!
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What's that close to?
San Antonio.

It is about 7 hours from Shreveport. I have family in Monroe... I know the drive very well. lol
Have fun... The atv mud racing scene around here has died out over the years. We still have a couple but they are towards the end of the summer. I loved competing against the 500-600cc machines with my little 300 and walking away with the money.
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