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Texas Members - anyone?

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Just wanting to see if we have any other Texas members in here yet? I'm in the Houston area and have a great group I ride with pretty often. ALl the TX away!!
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Texan here. We ride in Crosby (Mel's) most of the time. We live between Humble & Huffman.
I just found this today. We should let other texas rider know.
New here too and to ATVing! Where exactly is this Mel's and what do you have to do to ride out there? Thanks! I live in NW Houston...
Mel's is right out of Crosby off of Hwy 90. It is also called Soggy Bottom.
QUOTE ("DuckForeman":3oz13wad)
New here too and to ATVing! Where exactly is this Mel's and what do you have to do to ride out there? Thanks! I live in NW Houston...
Man...if you haven't been to Mel's in Crosby...then you've never been ATVing. This place is great. It is cheap ($5) and has about 700+ acres of trails to ride on along the San Jac river.

Go over to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and join this all Texas riders forum. 75% of the members are from the Houston area and we ride at Mel's pretty frequently.

Here is a map I drew up a while back to get there. It is crude...but it will get you there.

It is a great place to ride...but you'll need 4x4 and some good mud tires to get around to the best riding spots!!
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My wife & I went out there today. We were the only souls out there. I have off days during the week ( Tuesday & Wednesday). It was very nice out there today. We probably picked up $20.00 worth of cans. I think we picked up cans more than we rode. Still, we had fun. Later.
I was windering how far from Dayton, TX is that Park ya'll where talkin about it sounds like a cool place to ride ans even though i don't live in Texas my uncle does
It's probably about 35-40 minutes from Dayton. Definately worth the trip.
New here! I reside in Katy Tx. , but I ride at Crosby a whole lot!!!
I'll be there Saturday. Hope to see you there.

I live i Vidor, TX and we ride alot in Call TX. I have some friends that ride in Crosby and they say it is awsome. Do you know if you can camp out there or not. Would go this weekend also but I am on call.
I think you can camp out there on the weekends although i'm not sure.
If I did not have to work on sat I would totally go out to crosby!
Well, at least i'm not gonna be alone now. My 2 yr. old son is gonna come with
me now. My wife says she can't shop as good with him. What is it about women
& shoppin'? The sad thing is, my daughter is gonna be with her. She is gettin'
shoppin' thing down pat.
Teach em when their young!!!
New texas forum.
mels is the place to be. I'm from baytown and we ride almst every weeekend.
We are there almost every Saturday. If it ain't rainin', we will be there this
i'm from and my sis ride............i got a 450s foreman and she has a rincon...but we're in the spring/woodlands area...when i'm not in school in nacogdoches....let me know of any good rides, b/c lately we just ride spring creek!!
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