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Testing a snorkel

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hey guys, anyway to test my new snorkel without submerging it?
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Try starting the bike up, let it idle, then cover up the snorkel with your hand...If it shuts off means you should have a pretty good seal...thats the only way I know of without putting it in some water. Hope this helps.
you can use a water hose around all the fittings, but the real test is in the mud/water holes.
Do you have a swimming pool???
If you want to be 100 % sure you can try this. Plug the carb opening in the airbox with a plumbing plug the same size as the carb and use the factory clamp. Use a rubber MJ coupling to install a plumbing test plug at the snorkle intake. This test plug has a tire valve installed to allow you to put a few pounds pressure in the sealed snorkle. Spray the entire system including the airbox and where the snorkle attaches to the box with a solution of soapy water in a spray bottle. Bubbles indicate a leak.
I like the hand over the end idea!
the soapy water one would be the one i would do if i didnt have a hole to sink er in, but the hand over the intake, u'd have to have a 1.5in round hole somewhere for the eng to stay running, where are you worried about it leaking? where the snorkle actually go's into the box? i ended up cutting the facotry adhesive and putting on some that i got from home depot. its a rubber type ahdhesive that is ment for plastic and rubber and it is permently plyable. i actually have yet to sink mine:S i need a whench to pull me out haha.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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