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terrible night on the atv. me and my buddy went out on my kodiak 400 and he was on his 84 200s 3 wheeler. we crossed a river that wasnt so deep to hit some trails on the other side. little did we know it was going to get warmer. 3 hours later we come back to cross the river. (only way home) and the water was alot higher and a stronger current from when we crossed. we needed to get home so we tryed to cross. the water went over the little 3 wheelerand it stalled. i turned around to help him when the water pushed me downstream. my belt got wet on the 4 wheelerand i just barley made it to him. his 3 wheeler flipped by then and was completly underwater. he hopped on the 4 wheeler and here we lay stranded in the middle of a dangeroulsy high river. the belt was to wet and the atv would not move. the water was ice cold and everytihng froze. my friend had a cell phone so he called his dad and he couldnt help us so they ended up calling 911. it was about 7:30 when they came down and got us out. he was taken to the hospital and was luckey he didnt get hypotermia because when the 3 wheeler flipped he got soaked. we went back at 11pm and looked out and i could just barley see the 4 wheeler that was underwater by then. my dad helped me get it out and the 3 wheeler. everything is back in running conditon but the 3 wheeler still has some problems with water in the engine. now we have been charged $320 for driving on a gravel road with no permit. i kinda wish we never even attempted the river. but now we know.
What ever doesn't kill us only makes us stronger (and wiser). Sounds like the local cops have a hard on for atv'rs. I have heard of rivers and creeks rising when things warm up. (I used to do some backpacking, and they always said to plan crossings early in the morning before things began to thaw out.) Sounds like a tough lesson and expensive. Thank God you guys made it and have a story to tell.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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