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Terrible handling with lift kit

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I installed an SS ATV Plus stainless steel lift kit I got from ebay, and after riding it the first time this weekend, I can't stand it. I'm wondering is something is wrong. I like the stance, but it rides like crap. The worst trait is that over bumps, it seems to "top out," or reach the end of it's travel with a loud clunk that I can both feel and hear. It sounds like it is going to break the end of the shock right off. Any ideas what to do? I really like extra height, and I'm sure I'll appreciate it once the rainy season starts here in FL (when there will be lots more mud and puddled water), but on the trails I also ride, the ride is unbearable. Any suggestions would help. The ride is downright scary since I added this kit.

I have noticed that since installing the kit, it seems like the front wheels are toed in quite a bit--they both seem to be pointing inward like they're trying to turn at the same time. Could that have something to do with it?
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I installed the High Lifter Springs and got about a 3/4" Lift (1/2" Front , 1" Rear)...Also got better handling at high speeds and over jumps and across whoops...The stiffer suspension has also reduced body roll and dramatically improved cornering.

On the down side...The suspension is stiffer and requires more effort to control...and logs and roots can get little rough.
I installed the High Lifter 2 inch lift on the 2003 650 Rincon ( this includes the front brackets as well as the spring spacer ) and I havenot had a problem since. I got the lift as well as good handeling. No toping out...
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