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Temp Guage..Good Idea?

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I am mounting the wench on the 650 Rincon and have heard of people mounting a temp guage on the Rincon. This would be a good idea due to the wench covering alot of the area where the air flow enters the radiator which would restrict this. Is this a good idea with a wench or is this a requirement that would be needed. Black Rinny..I know your answer
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A winch sound like a good idea...Winches are also heavy, you might want to consider some HL springs for the front end...I don't have a winch or carry weight on the front, and I bottom out my shocks on every ride.

I don't think the winch will hurt the air flow enough to consider a temp gauge...but a temp gauge is a good way to monitor the radiator...when my radiator and oil cooler gets caked with mud, I never know I'm running hot until the light goes on...then it's too late to look for a water hole.
Is a wench soo heavy that I need assistance with the front end??? I figured that it can't weigh more than 25-30 lbs... I never carry anything on the front of the bike..
The biggest problem with the temp light that comes on the bike is that it is for oil and water. So the gauge will let you know where the problem really is.
Black-Rinny..How did I know that I would hear from you.. Is the wench soo heavy that you see a difference in the front end? And do you see that the radiator is being covered by the wench? Is this something I need to be concerned about after I get this mounted?
the springs are worth getting. as far as the winch covering ther radiator I dont think it would be a problem, just harder to clean it.
True True...
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