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TEMP. gauge is installed

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I installed a Cylinder head temperature gauge last night.I decided on the one made by VDO. It uses a sensor that goes under the sparkplug and simple two wires.I cut a mounting hole in the black plastic piece between the seat and gas cap.(2006 Foreman).It was after dark when I finished so I went for a short ride to see how it worked.The outside temp.was in the 60's and after 10 minutes of riding around in third gear the head temp was over 250 degrees.Next weekend I'll be back in the woods and we'll see how hot it gets before the fan comes on.
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where did you find the guage? let us know how well it works and when the fan kicks in.
just about any temp gauge will work
Could you get one that would have a back light? Wonder if it is sealled for deep water riding.. Might be the next purchase..
I bought the gauge from JEG'S.Yes,it does have a back light.Since the 500 Foreman is air-cooled,I don't think any temp. gauge will work.I don't think it is sealed for under water use.
I was thinking of the 650 Rincon ( water cooled )...
250 sounds about normal.I doubt you'll see it go much higher than that unless pulling a load up a long hill at slow speed.somehow the heads stay a pretty consistant temp,tho i'm curious to see what you come up with.
Here is what I put on mine to get an idea of the temp that my 05 Foreman is running at. I bought it the local Honda shop, I like it a lot, I like to look at it when the fan kicks on just to see at about what the temp of the engine is.
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