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tech question

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I hope someone out there can help me. I have an 03 foreman 450 ES and I just replaced the crank and the guy that is doing the machine work has had several months. I got it back after he changed the crank and it ran about 30 minutes before making a funny sound and shutting off on its own. When I took it back to the guy he said that the key on the crankshaft sheared off and now he claims that it keeps shearing it off and I'm not sure what could cause it and I don't think he has any idea either. I hope that someone can help me. Thanks in advance.
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Was it a new Honda crank that was put in it ..?.. And the keys that it's cutting are genuine Honda flywheel keys ..?

Honda used that same crank from the 1995 TRX400FW thru to the 2004 TRX450FE/FM
yes it was a new crank from honda and I know that the first key was a honda key but I think that guy was making the other ones out of steel or something. He didn't want to put anymore time than he had to in it because I have already paid him when I took it back to him.
It's possible he left the flywheel loose that caused the first key to get cut and now he maybe making them out of mild steel (and not a perfect fit) causing more keys to cut ..

If the flywheel cuts to many keys and spins on the crank to many times it will mark the crank taper , then you may have more trouble ..
After I got it back the first time before it cut the key, it ran for a little while. I guess that what you said could be the cause, but what would be the other problems if the crank has marks in it?
If the crank gets gauled from the flywheel turninng on it when the key cuts it won't be a smooth taper and maybe hard to keep the flywheel tight or even centered ..
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