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"Tars" ARE pretty!

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Hey, have any of ya'll tried these tires? I just got em', but haven't been out on them yet...hope they get me thru the thick stuff! Also, Trugrit, I'll be interested to hear how your "combo" tires do this weekend!
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They look like they will go thorugh some mucky stuff. What u pay for those?
Got em' for $285.00 including shipping. I'll let ya know how they do!
with rims or just tires? Where did u get them from
Just the tires....already had some rims. Found em' on EBAY...just type in "Vampire ATV" and you can find them....they have a Buy it Now price of $285 and the guy is in Orlando!
Those are what...26"?
I beleive the Vampire ASX only comes in 26". They are asymetrical (side lug is only on one side of tire), so yu have to buy right and left side tires. The have the same trad depth as a regular Super Swamper, just under one inch, but that mean side lug. Originally built for Argo type vehicles. They should ride smooth and perform pretty good.

This site sells them too:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Actually, if I'm not mistaken, the lug depth is a little over 1", I know it is on the regular vamps.

One thing I've read though, these things are supposed to be a really heavy tire! I'm talking 28" outlaw heavy. Though I'm not positive on this.

Personally as well, I'd like sidewall wrap on both sidewalls, therefore in mud ruts you've got both sides pushing you through the ruts. But on only one side, that saves weight. And the ASX design is already a better design than the regular Vamp because it had NO sidewall wrap, it was a TSL design (three-staged lug).
Well, I ran them thru some really nasty stuff yesterday and they did GREAT. Even got through some stuff in 2WD that I would normally need 4WD. And they ride good on the hard stuff too! And, yes, they are 26" the fronts are 9.5" and the backs are 13"...they are so wide, but I have some offset rims so they don't stick out on the sides too much. I have a 2" lift on the bike and could have gotten a taller tire, but didn't want to lose too much power. Anyway, so far so good!!!!
Putt them in the thick peanut butter stuff then let us know how you turn them.

Glad to hear they ar esmooth on trails.
Actually, the stuff I had them in yesterday is like peanut butter, it's pretty nasty, there's a lot of clay in it. My bike is a mess, that stuff is really hard to wash off! New problem today though, my son was riding his bike and busted out his front differential! Cracked and TWO holes in it! So NOW I'm hunting parts! I'm gonna do a post and see if anyone knows where I can get a good used one. So far, got a price of $400 for new one! UGH!
Bad news on my tires ya'll...... Hubby is off today and cleaning the bikes and my back tire was had a STICK stuck in it (on the bottom), he took it off and down to see if can be patched and the stick was almost FOUR inches long and about 1" in diameter!! DANG! It got patched for $20. I'm glad the stick stayed in long enough to get me outta the woods! I don't think the "slime" would have taken care of that!
This wasn't my weekend....first my son's bike tearing up and now my tire!
At least you have your health...

I had one of my outlaws go flat after sitting in the garage for 5 days. I had not even mounted it on the bike yet. I had to takr it back to the shop and have them break the bead and seal it up. It work good this weekend.
Yeah, I guess things could be worse, huh?!! No wrecks or broken bones...that's something to be thankful for, especially with our group! I'll bet you were disappointed when you saw that flat tire, huh?! Well, at least it was repairable! The front differential for my son's bike should be here in 3-4 days so hopefully he won't be down long! We still have that KFX for a back up bike until it sells though!
Are you going to try to make i tto the Black Hole Sunday to show off the tires?
My son has baseball tournament Friday night, Saturday AND Sunday (if they are in the finals)....hate to hope for him to do bad so we can go riding, but he'd like to go too! BUT, I don't even know where "Black Hole" is....are there trails & stuff, or just some holes? What's there???
Trails holes and mud. There are trails around most of the holes if you don't want to try them.

Directions: For you south on 95 until SR 524 (about 1.5 miles south of 528 the Bee-line) Turn west on to 524 (right) go down about 1 mile until Adamson Rd. (You'll see the signs for the county landfill) Turn north (right) Follow it north it will bend left then right (north). Continue down that road for another 5-6 miles. There will be one stopsign along the way, just go through that.
At the end of that road you will see the trail-head. Park off the pavement with the other trucks, on weekend you will see anywhere from 5-10 trucks there. Your first time it would be good to have some one along who knows the area, after that you should be all good.
That sounds good, we would definitely like to try something new. We really like 5A and it's not too far for us (30 minutes) but are up for a change! Maybe we could hook up with ya'll one time and check the place out! Not sure about this Sunday, but it is still possible. My preference is Saturday's so I have Sunday to recoup and clean up! Don't know if Tyler's bike will be back running by then but it wouldn't hurt his feelings ONE BIT to ride that KFX! I'll put a post on here Saturday night if I think we can go Sunday!
Sounds good. It should only be another 1/2hr to the drive. I'll check back Saturday, If you decide to go I'll PM my cell #, incase you have troubles locating it.
Okay, sounds good! We'll check back Saturday! THANKS!
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