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taking off the lift

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I'm thinking of taking off my lift kit and putting on the perfex long travel kit, how much lift will i lose, just gettin tired of the thing riding like a brick especially with the girlfriend on here too
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from what i have read on it and others have said you should only lose maybe an inch...
i have heard that the perfex lift kits lift a 4wheeler about 1 1/2 but i could be wrong. i have also heard that they are alot better than regular lifts because they are adjustable. i know what you mean about rough riding i had a lift and 27's on my old rubicon and it was rough, if you just put your lift on you are proubly not used to it, it took me a month or so to get used to mine. also before you take it off and everything try letting air out of the tires, i also did that and it made a difference.
I have had mine on for probably 3 months, its just starting to suck gettin beat to death every ride, plus riding 2up most of the time really hurts it too

I only run 3 pounds in my tires
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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