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Taking 4x4 out of Foreman

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I have a couple of problems with my foreman right now and its all in the front end. My diff casing cracked at the mounting areas which made it loose in the frame and I had it welded back together and it broke again. So I am going to order a new casing on that side of the diff so that takes care of that.

Also, when I was putting my axles back in after getting the diff welded i noticed that the side of the axles that go into the hub were stiff. The side that goes into the differential was able to move freely and go at every different angle like it should. The side that goes into the hub was like a stiff board. Its not supposed to be like this right??? Anyhow so I am going to take those back out and ship them off to Gorilla for repairs.

Soooo im wondering... since I will be down for a while and I hate not riding im wondering if I can take my diff + and both speed sensor and some other plug off and run without the 4x4 system. Is this possible to do??? Will it still shift properly? Also since no axles would be in there would water/dirt get into the wheel bearings easier?

Let me know.
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wheel bearings will take a beating with out having an axle in there, but that is just something ive heard. Dont know how true it is.
More importantly does this mean you are pussing out of the Okeechobee mudfest?
or are you confiscating Kelly's Rancher?
I will be there, better beleeeeave that!

Probably be on Kellys Rancher w/her on the back.
euro to run the foreman with just two wheel drive, u will just need two outboard cups from some old busted axles to bolt the hubs back to the knuckles. as far as the wheel sensor's I dont know if this will cause a problem or not. I dont think it will. The only thing else I can think of is just to tape up the wiring harness to the front diff. and remove the driveshalf.
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