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Synthetic winch cable question

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I was going to get one for my warn 2500 and wondered do I have to get the kit or can I just take the fairlead off and run the synthetic thanks for any info.
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Most sythetic line manufactures recomend a new fairlead, for the change over to synthetic line. Older/used fairleads, roller or hawse, will develope burrs and knicks that will prematurely wear the synthetic cable. I use an aluminum hawse failead. It looks good and is machined smooth so there is little friction against the line, even pulling at an angle.
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This is where I got my fairlead from, a little cheaper.. They have an Ebay store as well, Sometimes thier stuuff is cheaper, through Ebay, than buying directly from them, But I couldn't find thier store when I just looked for it.
Great prices!
WOW! Great prices!!
man check ebay, i got ordered a Synthetic rope and it was $38. and then 3 days later i got another winch rope that showed up at my house.. and they didnt charge me for it.. haha

so i got 2 50' winch ropes with black protectors for $38.. nice deal there!
Hey you need to send the other one back to me, we did not mean to ship it to you. We have your account # and will just bill it to you if you don't. You know that's not very nice that you just kept it and did not tell us!
Please send it back to:

Big Daddy Bigfoot
1234 South North St
Somewhere, Il 55555-5555

Thank you!
Whats my Ebay screen name, and what day did i order it?
What brand name is the Synthetic Winch Rope?
Darn it I tried!
good try bro..
the address is kindof a give away,, now if you had put your real address,,,, it would have looked pretty good.

But these suckers are almost 6months old.. i just put one of them on and now my winch is goin out on me!
does it matter what brand of winch you have to be able to put that amsteel on?? has snyone done this to the gorilla winches yet?? i havent looked to see how hard it would be to change??
You can put the Amsteel blue on basically any winch. I know on my cheapo winch, it had a hole that you stuff the rope into and then jam a ballbearing down over the rope and into the hole. Well, the rope was too big to fit in the hole, so I just looped it around the drum and tied it real tight. Once you put some strain in the rope it will be very very hard to remove the rope from the drum.
Can you use the regular fairland if you have not used the steel cable yet? Or is the fairland made differently. Has anyone compaired the 2 together?.. Have not pulled anything with mine yet but it is installed on the bike?
I have used my winch 3 times and if I don't put the cable back on and get a rope I'm going to use my fairlead because it's fine and I have seen where you can get the rope with the same fairlead.
Will give er' a shot with the origional one then...
I think the question with the regular fairlead is that the rope could potentially get in the side of the roller, and possibly get cut, I know the chances of that happening are slim to none, but you never know until it's too late.
Yeah my luck it will happen to me, I better get the right one! LOL
I'm with you Big Daddy Bigfoot.... My luck it will break and take my head off....
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